Windsor Castle


Making our journey through picturesque Runneymede, we drive past the location where King John signed the Magna Carta in 1215, marking the start of Human Rights in the civilised world. Close by there is also an opportunity to see the British Memorial dedicated to President John F. Kennedy.
We arrive in Windsor in time to see the famous changing of the guard, which is usually accompanied by a band*.
Once inside, Windsor Castle has plenty to offer, from the magnificent “State Rooms” still used in present day to receive foreign dignitaries, St George’s chapel, used for Royal Wedding’s, and Queen Mary’s Doll’s houses, (the largest and most exquisite doll’s house collections in the world). On our return to London, we can pass by Eton, to see the renowned Eton College, where past Prime minsters and members of the royal family have studied over the centuries.
* Changing of the guard does not take place every day